Monday, October 3, 2011

The history and evolution of fetishism and femdom

A lot of history is behind fetishes and femdom. Females didn't have the respect that we do today. We had to earn it through hard work and proving our superiority over men. We earned the right to vote in the 1920's. There is no question that women and men are different in every way. There is no denying that women are more intellectual and talented then the male species. They have this sexual power over men that we can use to manipulate any situation that we desire. We also have the power of intellect on our side. We have come so far and we will go further in the future.

In addition, society wasn't as acceptable to anything that my be deemed obscene. Many laws have played a part in censoring sexuality in the media: movies, magazines, etc. It was obscene for a woman to show their ankles. Men became aroused by a woman's ankle. They were not allowed to reveal their ankle in public until the 1900's. It was still scandalous for the rich and famous show their ankles.

Remember Bettie Page?

I know you do.

I will give you a small lesson for those of you who have never heard of her. She was a bondage, fetish, pinup model who revolutionized BDSM and fetish into what it is today.  She is a icon. She was the first bondage model. Her images of bondage and s/m were deemed obscene and was illegal to produce for a few years.

The Can Can
The Can Can is an erotic dance that was prohibited due it's erotic nature. You know Moulin Rouge. The Can Can made Moulin Rouge famous. People were arrested for dancing to the Can Can in attempts to repress it. Today, you can see the dance in the Burlesque shows. 

The fetish scene has grown over the years and people have become both more open and aware of the BDSM and fetish world. We have evoleved into a more diverse scene. I will go into the history in other blogs as well.

Now females are allowed to express themselves and are able to do more than men will ever will with the power they have. Women's power will grow and they will always succeed more than men will ever even though they might have more opportunities yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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