Friday, October 21, 2011

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What's your fetish? Their's a clips for every fetish here.

Yoogirls Femdom

Open Sexuality

Some people are not able to be open with their kinks with their spouses, friends and family members because they are afraid what they might think. Some are more open than others. Today's society makes it easier to be open than yesterday. There were stronger barrel's to keep their sexual urges compressed. Condoms used to be illegal to use in some states to keep from practicing in sex for fun.

Today, there are many resources to satisfy your urges. The main resource is the internet. Many guys/girls are too afraid to let their significant other know of their sexual fantasies so they find it from somewhere else. Either by cheating or other ways. Good thing you don't have to cheat in order to be satisfied. Many guys have submissive urges and needs to be controlled. There are many dominant and hot women on the internet that control you and that's all you need. Lucky for you I am here to guide you through many women of different niches from all around the web. Some even do real sessions and some have training via phone, chat and cam. There's one rule I have is to respect these ladies. They are above you.

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Live Sex

Know someone who you would like to more know more about or have you had a good experience with a recent Domme and would like to share you experience? Have an opinion or anything you would like to share that's femdom related? This blog is mainly for Female Dominatrixes, both both Dommes and subs are welcome to participate. Email 

Monday, October 3, 2011

The history and evolution of fetishism and femdom

A lot of history is behind fetishes and femdom. Females didn't have the respect that we do today. We had to earn it through hard work and proving our superiority over men. We earned the right to vote in the 1920's. There is no question that women and men are different in every way. There is no denying that women are more intellectual and talented then the male species. They have this sexual power over men that we can use to manipulate any situation that we desire. We also have the power of intellect on our side. We have come so far and we will go further in the future.

In addition, society wasn't as acceptable to anything that my be deemed obscene. Many laws have played a part in censoring sexuality in the media: movies, magazines, etc. It was obscene for a woman to show their ankles. Men became aroused by a woman's ankle. They were not allowed to reveal their ankle in public until the 1900's. It was still scandalous for the rich and famous show their ankles.

Remember Bettie Page?

I know you do.

I will give you a small lesson for those of you who have never heard of her. She was a bondage, fetish, pinup model who revolutionized BDSM and fetish into what it is today.  She is a icon. She was the first bondage model. Her images of bondage and s/m were deemed obscene and was illegal to produce for a few years.

The Can Can
The Can Can is an erotic dance that was prohibited due it's erotic nature. You know Moulin Rouge. The Can Can made Moulin Rouge famous. People were arrested for dancing to the Can Can in attempts to repress it. Today, you can see the dance in the Burlesque shows. 

The fetish scene has grown over the years and people have become both more open and aware of the BDSM and fetish world. We have evoleved into a more diverse scene. I will go into the history in other blogs as well.

Now females are allowed to express themselves and are able to do more than men will ever will with the power they have. Women's power will grow and they will always succeed more than men will ever even though they might have more opportunities yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Who am I and what I am about

I am a female supremacist. I believe women should always rule the world as me bn are turned into our slaves and are always at our feet. I started this blog to bring people who believe in female supremacy together to connect in one place. I do have my own site, but I am not here to talk about that. Instead, I am here to share my beliefs of female supremacy. I am a very kinky and sexual woman. Yes, I am a woman. There are many new girls who are just discovering themselves and don't know where to start. I am more than willing to guide them and have their questions answered by someone else if I can't answer that.

Have a question you would like to ask? Message me and I will post it for the community to ask. You may remain anonymous. It can be a question for opinion or help.

I will also post photos of dommes as often as possible. Email me with photos if you would like your gallery, clips, etc posted on here. Send me an introduction, article and anything else you would like to share.


Cuckolding is powerful. I enjoy making a male feel incompetent sexually as he watches me helplessly and excited as I am enjoying myself with a man who can satisfy me. It's a rush! I enjoy humiliating them as I cuck them. We all agree that the guy I am cucking isn't capable of satisfying me sexually, but I use them in many other ways. The reason they are not good enough is because they have a small penis. They are not big enough to meet my needs. I have high standards. They wouldn't be able to meet my needs even if I had low standards. I need a magnifying glass to even see it. I need a real man. It's an insult to a real man to compare you to him, but it's entertaining for me to see you suffer.

Cuckolding has become popular in the online world of femdom. I have even seen the term "cuckqueaning" cuckqueaning is the reversal of cuckolding. The other woman dominates and humiliates the cuckquean. I would only participate in cuckqueaning if I was the other woman domming both of them. I partake in lesbian domination and I do enjoy it. I would make her get me ready before I sleep with her man. I tease her with my body while I tell her that her body is not as hot as mine and that's why your man has cheat on her and find someone that can satisfy me.

I am sadistic so I will not let them have an orgasm. I have them build up to the edge just to deny them the privilege of release or an orgasm. I will have my little cucks tied up in the corner and watch. Sometimes they will be blindfolded and gagged and all they can do is hear me. I might not even gag them because I want them to beg. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The English Mansion

 Review of The English Mansion

Good Place for submissive men who love to worship dominant women. These women are true sadists and the men in these videos worship them. These women use men for their sadistic pleasures in many ways. Have you ever wonder what it would be like to be under control of true dominant women? 

Their Gallery

Their content: Are updated often, if not daily, with photos and videos. They also have mp4 downloads so you can watch their videos discretely without having to download it on your computer.